We seek professionals who live for challenges.

We are firmly based on meritocracy, which provides opportunity to those whose show their uniqueness in what they do, regardless of time working at the company, age, sex, race or religious affiliation. Everyone can become a partner - they only need to demonstrate exceptional performance and affinity with our core values. We practice excellence with a team of champions.

  • "Working for Andrade Maia means personal and professional growth. I identify with the enthusiasm and dedication given to each client. I love being a part of this team in which I am presented, every single day, with the opportunity of sharing experiences, teaching and learning".

    Anelise Doumid Damasceno

  • "Working at Andrade Maia is a pleasure, as it is a firm that provides us with all the conditions to develop and deliver results. There is an excellent organizational structure, with extremely secure flow networks and work routines. There are dynamic people who are team players and make all the difference, being focused on objective results and clients' well-being. So, Andrade Maia is a firm where professional growth and development become a remarkable reality."

    Tiago Oliveira Lopes
    Legal/Administrative Analyst

  • "Working at AM means to achieve - in addition to professional growth and development - a great deal of personal growth, as interpersonal relationships and team work are highly appreciated. Every day I realize that we cannot only do what we like, but also like what we do - with the perspective of reaching our goals being part of a winning team. Thank you, AM, for giving me several opportunities to grow and evolve."

    Rodrigo da Cruz Pacheco
    Legal/Administrative Analyst

  • AM, I experience the dichotomy between lightness and heaviness on a daily basis. Lightness, because I am certain that everyone is competent and able to excellently execute all professional tasks. And heaviness because of the responsibility to uphold to the company's standards and values, something of which I am very proud as well."

    Lucas da Rocha Poggetti
    Partner/Tax Law

  • "I'm AM - that is how we introduce ourselves - and this means that I am part of a law firm that believes that personal merit and daily development are the core values that lead to personal and professional growth."

    Clarisse de Souza Rozales
    Partner/Labor Law

  • "Being part of AM means looking ahead and farther down the road. It means encouraging the constant pursuit of personal development so clients are provided with better services. I can say this from personal experience: from my first Master's degree course in Brazil, which I started right after joining the firm, to the completion of another Master's degree course in the US, AM has played an important part, providing me with the necessary encouragement and support so I could feel secure in my decisions and move forward without which such accomplishments would not have been possible. That is Andrade Maia: effective incentives and valuing personal dedication aimed at the professional growth of its attorneys.

    Otávio Motta
    Partner/Commercial Litigation Department

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